Natural medicine follows the philosophy of Hippocrates - Let your food be your medicine

Avoid excess caffeine, alcohol and salt - as these dehydrate your skin
Magnesium takes water into the cells and improves cellular hydration
Drink lots of clean water
  •  Good hydration is essential for beautiful skin.
  • Increasing the dietary water intake would affect the skin, the same way, as a topical moisturizer.
  • Hydration impacts the elasticity of the skin.
Omega 3 fish oils - found in deep water fish e.g. salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, herring and halibut
  •  Omega 3 fish oils keep skin hydrated and smooth as well as keeping cells communicating properly.
  • Protects the skin against UV radiation.
  • Increases collagen and elastin formation and prevents wrinkle formation.

Remarkable research into nutritional science has been developed in Queensland Australia.

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  • The body’s capacity to heal itself is the underlying principle of Naturopathic Philosophy.


  • The research has been developed by one of my colleagues in Queensland.  The researcher who is a PhD Biochemist, has been able to extract the highest sulforaphane yielding broccoli sprouts in the world.


  • This works at strengthening the body’s built in defense systems and helps to get the body doing what it does well any way.


  • I have seen patients return back to their former good health, when taking these supplements over a long time.

Healthy Gut / Brain

Recommended foods

Lifestyle recommendations for a Healthy Gut / Brain

Long term detox and good elimination to be encouraged

Exercise daily, walking, yoga and meditation

Relax and enjoy everyday

Your environment must be healthy, safe and nurturing

Encourage lots of emotional connections with people and ensure your needs are being met, get involved in personal development to feel inspired


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